Vegging Out

Sharon is wiped from eating badly between exams and homework. The doctor tells her she is anemic and needs more iron in her diet. He suggests she go back to eating meat, and Sharon is horrified as vegetarianism is very important to her. The only one who seems to understand is Cody, a great guy that Sharon just met. Even though he is a meat-eater, he is totally sympathetic to her problem—until Sharon finds out that he is not as honest as he appears to be.


The episode starts with Sharon and her family prepare for dinner, Adam bought a used car and tells Sharon about the great things of having it.

While walking, Cody suggests to Sharon about eating meat once a week, but Sharon says many meat-eaters are anemic and vegetarians are not. Sharon takes a bite of her hot dog and notice its spicier than usual, Cody says its a tofu chili dog (Cody clearly lies by looking right up).

Sharon and Alden are walking together, they unsure if Maria liked the helmet. When Sharon asks the seller about the tofu chili dogs, the seller says the only thing spicy is italian sausage which are made of meat, Sharon is shocked and realize that Cody have tricked her.

Sharon goes to confront Cody, Cody says he did it because he cared about her and don’t think she will get enough iron as vegetarian. Sharon tells him she can be perfectly healthy without eating meat and does not want be responsible for killing animals, and if he really cared about her as much as he says, he would have respected that.

Sharon is sitting in her bedroom heartbroken, Helen comes in and asks what is going on. Sharon tells her what happend and says she don’t know what feels worse; the fact that she eat meat or the fact that she trusted Cody.


  • Despite Cody being a caring person, he did the terrible wrong way.
  • Sharon has a great point, all vegetarian are doing fine without eating meat.


Car stalls out.
Adam: Uh oh, something's wrong.
Sharon (looking at smoke coming from under the hood): You think?