When a sportswear company makes Maria an enticing offer - new snowboarding gear in exchange for promoting their new line of clothing, Maria accepts, although it bothers her that the clothing is all trimmed with real animal fur. Sharon can't believe Maria would stoop to this, but Maria thinks it's a fair trade-off. Why does Sharon want to wreck this for her? The two become entrenched in their positions. Things come to a head at the launch of the new line, where Maria is supposed to model the furry stuff - and Sharon plans a loud protest. But at the last moment, neither of them can go through with it. Maria takes a public stand against fur, and Sharon backs down for the sake of her friendship with Maria.


  • Goof: When Maria starts her snowboard run at the beginning of the episode, the Yin/Yang symbol is on the nose of the snowboard. About halfway through the run, it switches to the back.