When Alyson's firefighter dad rescues Connor from a fire at LifeCycles, the two are brought closer by the trauma. This irritates Nina, who wants Alyson to focus on her role as a "dresser" at Nina's dance recital. But when Alyson keeps seeking out Connor's company, Nina makes Alyson choose - it's her or the "losers", and Alyson chooses Connor and the girls - to Sharon and Maria's dismay. They didn't ask for this cling-on! Nina pulls a stunt to humiliate Sharon and Maria for "brainwashing" her former friend - and the girls use their new "friend" Alyson (and her backstage pass) to retaliate against Nina at her dance recital. But the revenge goes horribly wrong - and Sharon and Maria realize that they've sunk even lower than their nemesis.


Sharon and Maria enter the rebuilt Lifecycles.
Maria: I can't believe it looks exactly the same, they repainted with the same gross colors.