When Nina is impeached on the position as the school president, Sharon decides to run to fill her spot. Unfortunately, Brock decides to run, too. All is made worse by the fact that Alden, (Sharon's supposedly-supportive boyfriend!) decides to be Brock's campaign manager. What starts as an exciting race turns into a flat-out smear campaign…against Sharon! She is devastated to think that Alden could do this to her. When Sharon's braces help to reveal that Nina, not Alden, was behind the negative publicity the whole time, Sharon is finally able to win the school body over in an impassioned speech that confirms her true leadership abilities.


Alden: So what's this emergency assembly about anyway?
Maria: I swear, if Nina organized another spirit assembly, I'm dropping out of school

Maria: I love how Nina called it "a leave of absence".
Sharon: Call it what it really is
Sharon and Maria: Suspension!