When Nina hires Dr. Spitz as her own personal therapist, Sharon feels misplaced and jealous. Why can't her own mom be as understanding with her as she seems to be with her patients? After defying her mother's request that she not attend a concert, Helen and Sharon have to find new ground to trust each other - and build the mother-daughter relationship they each crave.


Sharon (looking at Nina getting attention from the football team): Yet another example of her pathetic unrelenting need for attention.
Connor: Hope she does the splits again.
Sharon pushes him off the bleachers.
Connor: Hey! Ouch!

Maria: Parents, can't live with them, can't pay for the cellphone without them.

Teacher: May I have your attention please?
Students keep talking.
Teacher: Boys and girls?
Students briefly pause, then resume talking.
Teacher: 3 CDs to anyone who's quiet.
Teacher: Heh, just kidding.
Students groan in disappointment.

Connor (to Sharon): The worst thing that's happened to you is getting braces.
Sharon: No, that's just the worst thing that's happened to me this year.



  • Sharon says the worst thing to happen to her so far in a year has been getting her braces.