Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock (now collectively known as the garage band "Mangled Metal") skip school to audition for the Spring Jam Fest in a neighboring city. Each gets away with pretending to be sick for the day - but know that they will be in deep trouble if they don't get home by day's end - when their parents come home. Carmen's mother figures out that he is lying to her, but she allows him to skip school anyway, because she drives him to the bus station where the rest of Mangled Metal are waiting. Still burning from being rejected as back-up singers for the band, Nina and Alyson are intent on not only proving that the group of friends are skipping - but on getting them into as much trouble as possible.

Things take a turn for the surreal when the gang, high on the success of their audition, takes the wrong bus home. They must overcome various obstacles, including Nina, to finally reach Elkford safe and sound - and in time. Brock is the only band member to get caught skipping and punished for it, being denied the opportunity to play in the Jam Fest. A disappointed group decides that if Brock can't play, none of them will either.


  • This is the first time, while fully-dressed, where Sharon is seen to remove her hairclip and let her hair swing freely, as part of her backup singer style.


  • Considering that Alden's hand-drawn album-art is indistinguishable from their "real life" appearances, he has considerable artistic aptitude.