General Abilities:
Sharon's braces are electromagnetically charged, either generating an electromagnetic blast or an electromagnetic attraction to metal objects nearby.

They often respond to the proximity of electrical charges, either natural or artificial.
Sometimes they intercept mobile phone signals or act as a Electret microphone when linked to speakers, allowing the speakers to relay any voices within a short range. For example, if Sharon is talking to Maria, you will hear the conversation.

There are rare moments where the braces react without the presence of any outside electrical source. Since they are also moments where Sharon herself is generally emotionally charged, it may be the electromagnetic field is interacting with the heightened electrical activity in Sharon's body. But so far, Sharon has demonstrated no conscious control of these abilities, although she wishes she could.

It is possible that whatever electrochemical process is involved with her braces has rendered Sharon resistant to electric shocks and magnetic fields, since she doesn't appear to suffer any adverse effects from directly interacting with high levels of voltage or magnetism.

Brace Yourself
Screenshot Episode Name and Incident Description
NeedleDuck Crushed
Sharon's braces magnetically pull Connor's acupuncture needles out and towards her head.

It's lucky she has fast reflexes and ducked to avoid them.

UnlockedJournal 5 Things That Really Bug Me About You
Sharon's braces magnetically open the lock on Maria's journal.
NameplateMagnetization The Doctor is In
While attempting to eavesdrop on Nina's counselling session with Helen, her braces magnetically attach themselves to the nameplate on the door.
WalkieTalkieInterception DamagingWalkieTalkie The Meat of the Matter
Sharon's braces begin functioning as a receiver for the walkie-talkie carried by one of the slaughterhouse workers, making her sound like various animals whenever she opens her mouth.

When she goes to the holding pen to try and find a way to make it stop, she fires a shockblast that damages the walkie-talkie and electrocutes the hand of the worker holding it.
FeedbackTM The Makeover
While Bill is tuning his radio, Sharon's braces absorb the radio frequencies generated and damage her wireless headset, causing Adam to mishear her prompts and insult Hannah.
PhoneShocking03mm Mixed Messages
While Sharon is attempting to delete a message from Alden's voicemail, Nina accidentally pushes Sharon's braces into her phone. The shock to the phone causes the message to be transferred to Brock's voicemail instead of being deleted.
SharonShockingTDT The Divorce Thing
Sharon's braces absorb a lightning strike and feed the electrical charge back into a power outlet, shutting down the fuse box of her home.
This causes the entire house to lose electrical power.
AlarmShocking Take That
While attempting to steal a replacement earring for the one she lost, Sharon's braces set off the security alarm at the jewellery store.
Shocking03DMSSharonMotorRevving Driving Miss Sharon
While attempting to repair Sharon's damaged braces, Maria triggers the activation of the remote garage door control.

Touching the braces causes the car ignition to activate without the key and rev the motor.

Maria is the first and only person to learn of Sharon's electromagnetic powers linked to her braces.
ChargingSpeakerCable01 Miami Vices
Sharon's braces connect to the speaker she damaged, using it as a transmitter relay and allowing Richard to hear over the other speaker that she is drunk.
CableChargeTransferTE The Election
Sharon's braces feed a charge into the assembly hall sound system, which travels to Nina's portable tape recorder and lock it in playback mode.
Despite Nina's best efforts to stop it, it plays back all the evidence of her sabotaging the electoral campaign to make Sharon lose.
ShockingWL Whose Life is it, Anyway?
Sharon's braces absorb electricity from a nearby radio and redirect it into a tattoo needle, causing it to go haywire and attack her.
Maria fights it off, but in the process, knocks Sharon unconscious by accident.
SharonChargingUpC Skipping
Sharon's braces connect to the radio in Ellie's car, allowing her to hear that they need help.
She stops to give Sharon and her friends a ride home.
SharonCharging01cmp Dear Alden
While Sharon is writing a spiteful email about Brock, Tess and Liane, Moshie damages the power cable to her computer. This causes Sharon's braces to draw a massive amount of electricity from the house power grid and overcharge the computer, posting the email on the school's website, where everyone can read it.
LightningStrike02bTC The Coolest
When Sharon loses her temper with the TV3 film crew, her braces draw down a lightning strike from the sky, which triggers the record mode on the nearby video camera.

Just in time for her angry rant against them to be recorded.

ShockingIncidentRS Triangles
Sharon's braces drain a massive electrical charge from a nearby spotlight and fire it towards the switch controlling the cable drums attached to Nina's swing seat.
The switch is jammed in the on position and one of the cable drums starts turning, throwing Nina off the swing seat as the seat becomes unbalanced.
SharonCharging01L Lorenza
Sharon's braces magnetize to the gate of the yard where Lorenza is temporarily located. When she pulls herself off the gate, she accidentally unlatches it and Lorenza gets out.
SharonCharging02cmpST Second Thoughts
As a student walks by with a stereo, Sharon's braces draw an electrical charge from it and fire a electromagnetic blast at Alden's locker, opening the lock.

This does not go unnoticed by Connor sitting nearby, but his only comment is she should see Dr Hertz to get the problem fixed.

This is the first time someone actually notices one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts.
SharonMagnetizing01HA Home Alone
Sharon's braces magnetize to the nearby chandelier, leaving her hanging from it in front of everyone at the party.
It takes Sharon a great deal of effort to pry herself loose.
BrokenMikeCmpG Genesis
A boy trips over the microphone cable, pulling it out of the stand and onto the floor, where it breaks.
Alden can't get it to work, then Sharon blasts the microphone, which somehow restores it to working condition.
CameraComputerCmpNNJ Nina's Nose Job
Sharon's braces draw a charge from the nearby powerboard, combine it with a charge from the camera and feed it back into the powerboard, where it goes to the headphones Alyson is using at the nearby computer.
This allows Alyson to hear Maria talking to Sharon through the headphones.
The camera's microcircuitry is burned out in the process, destroying it.
SharonChargingCmpBTAI B Baby Think-About-It
When Alden and Brock accidentally trigger a feedback surge on the baby monitor, Sharon's braces absorb the charge and redirect it to the nearby artificial babies, overcharging the microcircuitry and locking them in cry mode, becoming completely unresponsive to the deactivation keys.

The resulting noise distracts Maria as she's about to score some bonus points in the basketball game and she misses the final shot.

This is the second time Sharon's electromagnetic blast is noticed, as Brock sees it at close range.
The problem of trying to silence the malfunctioning babies distracts him from what he saw.
CameraChargingCmpWIR When In Rome...
Sharon's braces react to the radio frequencies of a nearby walkie talkie and redirect electricity from it into her camera, causing the flash to go off repeatedly.
Both Sharon and Maria are unable to stop the camera from flashing.
Because the art gallery has a no photos policy, Sharon and Maria are escorted from the premises by gallery security.
AmpMagnetizingCmpP Pegged
When the tube blows out again on Mangled Metal's amp, Sharon's braces absorb a charge from it and magnetize the microphone stand near Brock.
Because he is wearing metal cloth as part of his disguise, the microphone stand is magnetically pulled towards him.
Alden's attempt to remove the microphone stand just destroys their disguises, revealing their true appearance to the audience.
ChargingCmpUIS Bored
Sharon's braces draw an electrical charge from a nearby wall mounted light and redirect it towards a security camera.
When the security camera is hit by the charge, the record mode is activated and it moves to point at Sharon and Griffin.
Just in time to record Griffin tricking Sharon into smoking.
The security guard for the building catches them in the act of underage smoking and gives the video to their parents.
ChargingCmpLB Lucky Break
Sharon's braces draw electricity from an unconnected power cable and fire towards the stage light, cutting through the clamp holding it to the rail.
With nothing holding the stage light up, it falls to the stage below and nearly hits Nina.
SharonCopierZap Weird Science
When a falling compass shortcircuits the powerboard nearby, Sharon's braces absorb the electrical energy and redirect it to the photocopier, causing it to print out the last document scanned from it's internal memory.
ChargingCmpSGG She Got Game
While using a walkie talkie to talk to Alden, Sharon's braces feed a charge through the signal and lock the other walkie talkie in transmit mode.
Just as one of the team criticizes Maria for being a publicity gimmick instead of an actual player.
During this conversation, Sharon tries to switch the walkie talkie off and finally resorts to smashing it.
None of this is successful in silencing it and Maria hears everything said against her.
ChargingCmpWYWS While You Were Sleeping
When Sharon's phone suddenly disconnects from a call, it generates a charge which is absorbed by her braces and redirected towards the nearby discman.
The charge then travels to the headphones connected to the discman and shocks the wearer, messing up his hairstyle, much to his annoyance.
The batteries for the discman are also drained completely of power during this process, shutting down the discman.
SharonShocking05cIC Identity Crisis
Sharon's braces absorb a lightning strike and feed the charge into the school's PA system, using one of the speakers as a relay to broadcast Sharon's conversation with Maria.
Unfortunately for Sharon, she's describing how weird Vivian Rivers is, who happens to be in the room with the broadcasting speaker and can hear every word they say.
ShockingTaylor A Knight to Remember
This is the first time one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts directly hits another person, instead of using a circuit pathway as per normal.
The resulting effects from being shocked are temporary flash blindness and a severe headache that lasts for several hours, possibly even half a day or longer.
ChargingCmpJQ Just Quacks
When Maria presses the end call button on her mobile phone, it generates a charge that is absorbed by Sharon's braces and redirected towards the nearby robotic duck decoy.
The shock activates the decoy and it starts flying around the room, heading directly for Sharon's head and knocking her unconscious.
SharonSpeakerDestruction Poor Richard
Sharon's braces somehow magnify an electrical charge drained from the camera she is holding and destroy the nearby speaker, causing the ambient music to be cut off.

This is the third time one of her electromagnetic blasts is actually noticed by someone, as Nina and her father stare at Sharon's sparking braces afterwards.
Fortunately, they are distracted by the appearance of Sir Spike, so forgot what happened.
Charging11TLW The Loooong Weekend
When Sharon presses the button on the answering machine to play back a message left by Alden, her braces absorb a charge from it, amplifying and returning the charge to the answering machine, erasing the message.
ChargingCmpLCE Lights! Camera! Ego!
Not watching where she is going, Sharon accidentally walks into one of the staging lights and electromagnetically pushes it away from her.
It falls onto the control switch for the air compressor effects machine, breaking in the process and damaging the compressor air tanks.
The resulting explosion of trash covers a significant area.


  • Maria is the only person in the show to know about Sharon's electromagnetic braces.[1]
  • When Sharon told her mother about the braces, Helen assumed she needed therapy and went into Psychological Counseling mode, assuming Sharon was mildly deranged.
    Later, Sharon tried to explain the situation to Dr Hertz, but her poor understanding of the problem caused him to think she was insane.[2]
    Which may be why she's never tried to tell anyone else, because they may have similar reactions.
  • She did try to tell Connor once, but his skeptical expression caused her to abandon the attempt.[3]


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