It's been quite a while since Sharon and Alden had broken up, but Sharon wonders if Alden still has any feelings for her. When their English teacher puts on a play and casts Sharon and Alden as the romantic leads (who kiss!), Sharon gets her opportunity to see if Alden still holds a torch for her. Could it be possible that they could make another go of things?


  • This is the first time one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts is actually noticed by someone, as Connor observes it at close range when it unlocks Alden's locker. Even though he is is extremely surprised, the only comment he has to make is "that she should see her orthodontist."
  • The line about how volume is scaled up for commercials on television is actually true, it's broadcast standard to raise the volume for commercial breaks higher then that of the show they are accompanying. The reasoning behind it is likewise true, it's to grab your attention at a time when the viewers tend to ignore the television.