Sharon is thrilled to land a job at the new, medieval-theme restaurant. But delight turns to dread when she learns her father works there, too - as a wandering minstrel! This isn't exactly the cool, rock musician she's invited to her school's 'career day'. Sharon tries to avoid embarrassment by 'uninviting' Richard to school, but then Nina and her family show up at the restaurant for dinner and Sharon's plans start to unravel! She decides that unless she can get the Harpers out of the restaurant before Richard's act, she'll never live down the humiliation at school.


  • This is the third time somebody actually notices one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts, as Nina and her father stare at Sharon's sparking braces after she destroys the speaker.
  • Goof: When the closeup of Sharon watching Nina get embarrassed by her father happens, her hairclip switches from the flower she's been wearing all night to her standard hairclip.