In an effort to prove she's not such a "girly-girl", Sharon decides to form an all-girl rock group for a battle of the bands contest sponsored by a 'girls' magazine for girls only. But when Mangled Metal hears about the gender limitations, they are outraged. As a result, they decide to disguise themselves as females so that they can enter the contest as well--and win the first prize, a $1500 gift certificate at a music equipment store, so they can replace their broken amp. So as the girls take a walk on the masculine side (I'm not sure that joining a rock group is necessarily a masculine thing to do), the guys dress like Britney Spears wannabes and call themselves the "Mangled Petals". Hilarity ensues when everything comes out in the open at the concert - literally. Sharon's band won second place, a $500 gift certificate, which is partially used to repair the broken amp, on the condition that she gets use of Mangled Metal's equipment for her band.


Alyson (looking at their band photo): We look like the girls I stay away from in the school parking lot.

Alyson (to Carmen): I can't unstick your zipper if you don't stand still! But if I get you out, can I keep the dress?


  • This is the second time while fully dressed where Sharon is seen without her hairclip, as part of her tough girl style.