Mr. and Mrs. Wong
Marias parents


Male and Female



Hair color:

Black and brown

Eye color:



Maria Wong, Lee Wong (daughters)


married couple



Mr. and Mrs. Wong are the parents of Lee and Maria.

Mr. Wong, whose first name is Stan, is Chinese and Mrs. Wong is Italian. It is unknown just how they met.

As both enjoy cooking dishes native to their cultures, at some early point in their marriage they agreed to disagree about menus. So meals, especially for major holidays[1], are often a blend of both heritages, so guests and each member of the family are able to pick and choose what to eat.

Mrs. Wong is originally from Italy and speaks with a very strong Italian accent. She also has deep blue eyes, brown hair with lighter brown highlights, and a mole to the right of her lips.

Stan's accent is not nearly as pronounced. He has brown eyes, although a different shade from his wife's, and black hair which is beginning to show some grey.

Despite the differences of their heritages, it is obvious they deeply love and respect both each other and their respective cultures, observing and sharing not only those of each other's, but that of Canada, the country their children have grown up in. As a result of the loving home life their parents provide, both sisters are well-balanced and often cheerful.


  • Maria says she finds it hard to talk to her mother, implying that Mrs. Wong has difficulty comprehending Maria's perspectives and relating to them.[2]
  • According to Lee and Maria's maternal grandmother, Mrs. Wong was apparently a lot like Maria as a teenager.[3]



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