Mommy Nearest

After discovering Sharon's accidental hit on an X-rated internet movie site, as well as her interest in Tony, one of Adam's friends, Helen decides to spend more time with her daughter to "guide her" through the maze of adolescent, hormonal danger traps. Suddenly, Sharon feels like her mother is all over her private life, which she considers unfair, as she was not allowed an opinion on her mother's relationship with David.

To avoid all the "s'mothering", Sharon sneaks out to a house party. But finds the party "wilder" than she is comfortable with, so she settles for being the car-key holder. Helen ultimately catches Sharon at the party--however, Helen realizes that she went way too far in trying to "help" her daughter, and apologizes to Sharon for how she acted. Sharon accepts this, and both she and Sharon ultimately agree to cut each other some slack.


SHARON: You have no idea what you're talking about, and anyway, this is my life! My private business!
HELEN: But I'm your mother. I care about you and I want to know what you're doing. There's nothing wrong with that.
SHARON: Then how come you and David can do whatever you want?!
HELEN: Because we're grown ups. And it's appropriate.
SHARON: "And it's appropriate"! I hate that word! You so don't get me!
HELEN: Sharon, I do get you.
SHARON: Well, you're not acting like it!