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  • MEG is an acronym standing for Master Episode Gallery.

    It is a temporary page indexing all known screenshots for creating the individual gallery pages.

    Once this is complete, it can be erased.

    It's a bit out of date though, I haven't updated it with the latest contributions.

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  • I haven't made a decision yet, but I'm wondering if Ex-spouses should be entered as former love interests and not relatives.
    Genetically speaking, a wife or husband is not a biological relation, as they share no DNA.

    Please let me know what you think about this.

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    • I'm actually somewhat amused by Sharon's non-standard living arrangement.
      Technically speaking, she has 2 mothers (Helen, Lauren), 1 father (Richard), 3 brothers (Adam, Josh, Griffin) and 2 sisters (Lara and Sara).
      And half of those ties aren't biological.
      I'm not sure if she counts David as a second father, as she doesn't seem that close to him, it's more an attitude of tolerance then acceptance.

      What about in-laws?
      Judy would have been his sister-in-law, but not sure if that still counts after a divorce.

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    • That is a relationship which bears notation in articles, but we can keep the infoboxes uncluttered without them.

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  • im Glad You Like the Episode Pictures I Add it Up But itl Take Me All Day anf Night So I Better Get Started it Hope You Dont Mind 

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  • This is the first episode gallery page I've set up:

    I'm using a different computer now, so will have to work out how to edit images on it before I can add the remaining images.

    But this will do for a test case for you to see.

    I tried to get the text on the main page to align below the minigallery, but haven't solved that one yet.

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    • I wasn't going to add the multicells to the galleries, as I made those for a specific page.

      If it's an official promo image, I'm going to leave it out too.

      DVD caps I'd accept as long as I knew they were unedited.

      As regards Fan material, I'm okay with this site having those uploads.
      One of the things I resent with wikis is some admins are psychotic about only having canon info, to the point of not even allowing you to state opinions or make comments about fan based material, even when it's really really obvious.
      So because of that opinion, I wouldn't mind if we allowed users to post fan based material, as long as they don't try to mix it into the canon sections.
      And I've seen that happen in a few places here, but hopefully I've removed all those by now!

      There would have to be limits though, I don't know what wiki's policies are, but as a general rule, keep any submissions G rated, so we don't get complaints for "inappropriate material".
      Just realized, that's an Australian rating classification, it means suitable for all ages.

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    • Same for American markets. Of course anything submitted must be suitable for this wiki's topic's target demographic.

      As I said, I have no problems with Official Art.

      I'd like to keep the *main articles* about canon. There are forums and blogs and other user pages which within wikia-reason fans may discuss away to their hearts' content. Even Talk pages are good for discussing non-canon concepts.

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  • I noticed this category, so decided to check it out.


    But according to this page, Unseen is a subcategory of Locations.

    Not sure how that happened, as Unseen refers to characters, not places.

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    • Actually, it refers to any Person, Place, Thing, or Event which has been mentioned but not seen. It is currently Sub to Characters and Locations. I did not Sub it to others as "thing" and "event" have not yet been defined, and may not be by titled that way.

      You're doing a great job. Missed you the past few days. Hope you're feeling well.

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    • Yes, I am doing well.

      I am just taking a break before I start up my next big project, the episode galleries.

      The Living Braces page is as complete as I can make it. As I was unable to obtain some specific episodes, I'm uncertain if the page is fully complete.

      When this eventually gets released to my country's itunes: [[1]] I'll be able to finish the job properly, as the missing episodes are part of this volume. That'll will be a long term solution, as we don't even have Volume 1 available here. Could be a few years though, I'm not sure how our country decides on what iTunes content to provide.

      It's funny, I would have thought the older shows would be released sooner. I suppose it could be that they're picking them by popularity and according to whoever/whatever defines that, Braceface isn't on the top of list.

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  • Hey I added a link at the bottom on this wiki. Since it's an original production of teletoon I was hoping it was OK W u that I added it. let m know. p.s. here's the link

    Teletoon Original Productions

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  • Since nobody has really gone to the effort of screencapping episodes, pretty much all of them require screenshots.

    I've earmarked this for a future project once I've finished the Living Braces guide.

    But sometimes I will insert images if I feel like it.

    Is there a threshold to decide when an episode page has enough screenshots?
    I assume 1 or 2 means it needs more, but how many more?
    I am asking because I want to know at what point should I feel free to remove the "Need Images" tag.

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    • Three aside from the infobox is a good threshold.

      Once more than 12 is reached, move all to a /Gallery, but leave copies of 3 or 4 which capture the quintessentialness of the article topic.

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  • Just looking for some clarification, as I'm uncertain if the change you made is a valid statement.

    "Out of all Alden's sisters, Violet appears to interact with him the most".

    I used the term appearances because her interaction with him is minimal at best.
    From memory, she's only had one scene with him in The Secret.
    She's been seen with Sharon, Maria and occassionally Daisy more often then with Alden.

    Of course, some episodes are missing from my collection, so I can't say if Violet appeared in them or not.

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  • As part of my Living Braces project, I wanted to see if I could make a new kind of reference tag, one that would direct someone to a specific part of that page if they clicked on it.

    So far, I've only been partially successful.

    See the page Driving Miss Sharon for the code I was trying to implement.

    What I want the code to do is when the link is clicked, focus the page on the row of the table as it opens, so they're viewing the incident instantly.

    But while the link code works, the targeting does not, it just opens the page without moving to the correct row.

    Do you have any feedback on how to make this work? Or if it can work?

    Coding is not my strong suit and I have no idea what the search terms should be for google to give me my answers.

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    • Windows 7 Home Premium.
      Safari 5.1.7

      Yes, I can see it in the history differences.
      Even shows up when I ask to see the source code.
      But not in Source mode on the webpage.

      I did temporarily add one of my own, but it was still invisible the next time I checked on it.

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    • Huh. Must be the browser.

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