Mangled Metal


Alden Jones
Brock Leighton
Carmen Zola

Former Members:

Sharon Spitz
Maria Wong


Maria Wong

Music Style:

Heavy Grunge

'Mangled Metal is the garage band formed by Alden Jones and Brock Leighton.

Alden is the lead guitarist and singer and Brock the bass guitarist. The drummer is Carmen Zola.

Sharon Spitz and Maria Wong used to be backup singers and dancers, until they lost their positions due to Evie convincing Alden to kick them out of the band, as part of her power struggle with Sharon and Dion.

When their ability to run the business side of the band got too complicated for them to handle, they hired Maria as their Manager.

Sharon occasionally works as a songwriter for the band.
She's also the Assistant Manager, helping Maria with her work or taking over when Maria needs time off.


  • Alden Jones as lead guitarist and singer. Other responsibilities include songwriting, music composition and graphical art for the band.
  • Brock Leighton as bass guitarist. He is also a musical composer for the band.
  • Carmen Zola as drummer.
  • Sharon Spitz and Maria Wong (backup singers, dancers, formerly)


Don't Go Crazy, Stay Cool (inspired by Maria).
There Goes The Neighborhood (produced as a music video).