Lorenza's first appearance

Helen gives Sharon three days to find a good home for Lorenza, a stray, female dog she had found. After that, the dog had to go to the animal shelter. But finding Lorenza a home turned out to be more difficult than Sharon thought. The last person she wanted to give the dog to was her enemy, Nina, who initially seemed intent on getting a dog just to impress her senior mentor, Isaac. When Lorenza went missing, Sharon was stunned when Nina offered to help her find Lorenza, and Sharon realized that Nina really did care about Lorenza and did not just want to impress Isaac. In the end, when Lorenza was finally found safe and sound, Sharon lets Nina have Lorenza as her dog, and admitted Lorenza was probably best off with Nina.

In the meantime, Adam was also dealing with things he did not want to do - working as Maria's "butler" to raise money for the athletic council.