Adam desperately wants Hannah's father to like him. Sharon discovers that Mr. Corbett is a duck conservationist, and, at her urging, Adam starts 'talking ducks' with Mr. Corbett - who suddenly, and finally, takes a shine to Adam. So when Mr. Corbett asks Adam to join his duck conservancy organization, Adam happily agrees. Sharon is delighted for her brother - until she discovers that the duck organization isn't exactly what it appears to be.


Maria: Greetings. I've got videos, snacks and a scary article on how wearing lip gloss can lower your IQ.

Adam (about Mr Corbett): It'll take him weeks to work up to ignoring me again.
Hannah: He referred to you as Adam this morning.
Adam: Really? What did he say?
Hannah: Let's just focus on the good stuff.


  • Goof: When Sharon is walking home from school with Maria, she doesn't have her backpack. When she arrives home, she has it with her.