David takes Helen on a long, overdue vacation. When the housekeeper hired to spend the week with the kids quits unexpectedly, Sharon elects herself as the 'surrogate mom' in order to demonstrate to her mother that she is responsible and deserves a later curfew. But first she becomes "hyper-responsible" and then, in an attempt to undo her "wet blanket reputation", throws a party. Meanwhile, Sharon, Adam and Josh start out squabbling--but by the end of the week, they have united. Sharon discovers both a meaning for the word "responsibility" as well as a deeper level of sibling closeness.


Sharon (holding her stomach and groaning): So much popcorn.
Maria (laughs): Told you we should have shared.
Connor: Maria, everyone knows the only thing in the world Sharon refuses to share is popcorn.

Mitzi (on phone): Hello? A boy?! I can't believe my ears! I'm catching the next plane out! (hangs up) I'm a grandma! Three weeks early! (laughing) I'm so sorry, kids, but my daughter needs my help. I really have to go.

Sharon: Hey, Mom?
Helen: Yes, honey? What is it?
Sharon: The next time you go on vacation, I'd like you to act a little more responsibly.
Helen: What do you mean?
Sharon: Sunblock!


  • There is a goof with Lanie during the cheerleading scene at lunch. First we see her in her cheerleader uniform doing a cheer, then we see her sitting with the other students watching the cheerleaders in her normal clothes.
  • The name of this episode is a reference to the Home Alone movie series, which has as a premise a child left alone without adult supervision for one reason or another.