Feeling like she's a loser at many of the things she tries at school, Sharon takes advantage of a daredevil opportunity when her braces kickstart her mother's car. Taking the car out for a joyride, Sharon and Maria make quite an impression on their friends. When the car finally hits an old maple tree, Sharon thinks she's doomed for a year of being grounded. She can't believe her luck when her mother incorrectly assumes that Adam is the one to blame for the damage. Sharon finally gains the cool reputation she initially sought - but at a price. Is it worth it?


Sharon (to Adam): Don't forget to check the side mirrors when changing lanes. It comes in handy when you don't want to wipe out entire populations.

Nina (to Sharon): Gee Braceface, I wish you were on our team. Oh wait, with the way you are helping us win, you kind of are.

Sharon: That would mean turning left. I don't like to do that.
Maria: Oh, you know this from your half hour of driving experience.

After nearly being hit by a bus and sliding into a tree because Sharon mistook the accelerator for the brake:
Sharon: Ah, there are the brakes.
Connor (sarcastically): I'm glad you found them.

Maria (about Sharon and driving): She's getting ready to drive across North America to stand up for the rights of 13 year olds.
Connor: We have rights?


  • This episode is the first time Sharon's electromagnetic braces are revealed to another person, as she explains to Maria the problems they tend to cause.
  • Sharon refers to 3 previous incidents relating to her braces, the camera[1], the journal[2] and the jewelry store alarm[3].
  • The name of this episode is an allusion to the 1989 movie Driving Miss Daisy.