When Alden starts spending a lot of time with a cheerleader named Tess, Sharon feels threatened by this discovery. She tries to prove to Alden that she has SO much more going for her than Tess does - but when she finds them hanging out alone together at the Pick-a-Pita, she's sure she has failed. Sharon vents her hurt feelings in a letter that she never intends to send - but a glitch with her braces causes her letter to be posted on the school website! Sharon tries to redeem herself by writing about her own flaws - but it's not enough to fix things with Alden, and they break up.


Maria: Tess, would you say you're a complete stereotype?
Tess: I like stereos, who doesn't?

Maria (to Tess and Liane): Maybe you should get a little brain envy! It could come in handy in the future!

Sharon: Are you breaking up with me? You are. So, does this mean you're going out with Tess now?

Alden: She is just a friend, OK? This has nothing to do with her. I mean it. I just want to be alone for a while. Keep it simple.


  • The music Josh plays on his trombone is "Oh When the Saints", a common tune for anyone learning the basics of a new instrument due to the simplicity of the notes/musical sequence.
  • Goof: When the Fatal Error warning comes up on Sharon's computer monitor, the sparks zapping the computer are behind it. This is impossible since the sparks are outside the glass screen of the monitor, therefore anything displayed on the monitor would be behind them.