Clean Slate is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Braceface


Nina Harper's cousin, Petra, arrives for a visit from London, England—during the visit, Petra notices that Nina's still pretty mad about the doll incident and still assumes that Sharon Spitz was the culprit (despite never having any actual evidence to prove it). Petra casually admits to being the one who actually did it—this shocks both Sharon and Nina (the latter especially), and after learning the truth, Nina makes an effort to patch things up with Sharon in the hopes of becoming friends with her again.

Sharon, understandably, refuses to go along with whatever Nina has planned—but after a talk with Griffin and then really thinking things over, Sharon realizes that patching things up with Nina might not be that bad, especially since if they do become friends again, it would probably be the end of Nina's abuse towards herself and her friends.

However, during the time Sharon spends with Nina in their attempts to patch things up, Nina basically forces Sharon to ditch her other friends and forces her into things that only Nina likes do, such as cheerleading (which not even Maria can imagine Sharon getting into). In the end, Sharon decides that being friends with Nina just isn't worth it, as they've grown too far apart to really make compatible friends anymore.

Sharon patches things up with Maria, Connor, Alyson and Brock (who were worried that Sharon was going to choose Nina over them). Nina gets mad at Sharon for choosing the others over her (seeing it as "ungratefulness") and gives Sharon the head of one of her old dolls as revenge. But at this point, Sharon doesn't care and feels that, in the long run, she and Nina are probably better off as enemies than friends.


CLAIRE: I'm sorry.
SHARON: I'm Sharon. Nina invited me.
CLAIRE: Yeah, right!
LANIE: I think the dentist cranked her braces too tight! (Giggles)
NINA: Sharon! Claire and Lainie are such kidders!
LANIE: Of course I'm kidding! (Giggling). I love braces.
CLAIRE: (Laughing) I want braces!
NINA: Come on, girls. Let's get Petra and head to the movies.


  • This is the only appearance of Nina's cousin, Petra, the true culprit behind the doll incident. Also, Petra doesn't give a reason on why she decapitated Nina's dolls, other than simply stating that she "was a nasty little brat" as a kid.
  • With the exception of Lauren's son, Griffin, none of Sharon's family appears (though she mentions her dad and her older brother).
  • Despite what happens in this episode, the series itself implies that Sharon and Nina will eventually become friends again (albeit probably not as close as they were when they were little kids).