After graduating from the 8th grade, Sharon and Maria head up to their favorite camp for the summer. When they get there, they learn that Sharon's been promoted to a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) leaving Maria behind with the campers. For as much as Sharon tries not to flaunt her new position of power in Maria's face, her efforts fail. When Maria's cabin tries to plan an avenging raid on the boys' cabin, Sharon feels compelled to blow the whistle on them - raids are against the rules and she's trying her best to win the award for best CIT. Maria and her cabin mates are furious and Sharon barely survives the fallout. Finally, Sharon decides that her friendship with Maria is far more important than her success as a CIT. She does everything she can to prove that she is cooler than her initial actions and finally wins Maria back - while also gaining the respect of the other campers.


Campers (singing): Camp Kookalah, Camp Kookalah, when we do our best we strive, Camp Kookalah, Camp Kookalah, where the bugs eat us alive!


  • Goof: Maria is wearing a black dress at the ceremony, but in one of the photos taken afterwards, she is wearing a white dress.
  • This episode is the first mention of Marsha Lupinski, an old high school friend of Helen's. She later appears in Genesis.