Brace Yourself is the first episode of the first season of Braceface.


Sharon's confidence plunges when she gets her braces installed. Will Alden still want to go to the dance with her now that she's a metal mouth? Nina assumes not and does everything in her power to convince Alden that she should be his date instead of Sharon.


Mobile phone rings.
All students in cafeteria (answering phones): Yeah?

Maria (watching Connor dance): I know this dance plan is supposed to save you from a future of lonelieness, but, um, you could be making things worse.

Bratty Student: You know, wearing braces is bad enough, we don't need your added negative attention.
Maria (making fist): Yeah, well, listen whiner boy, you should be happy you're getting any attention at all.
Bratty Student runs away screaming

Teacher raps desk with ruler to admonish Nina for using cellphone during class
Nina: Hold on Alden. (covers phone) Can't you see I'm busy?!
Teacher backs away in fear

Maria giving lecture with heavy context
Sharon: Stop! I'll think about it just so you'll shut up.


  • Goof: When Sharon's braces open up her locker, the lock falls off. But when she closes it a minute later, the lock is still in position.


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