Feeling bored with her life, Sharon is looking for a major change in her routine. When her dad announces that he is moving in with his girlfriend, Lauren, Sharon does not react as negatively as her brothers do. In fact, Sharon is excited by the hip downtown loft and lifestyle. When she discovers that Lauren's fifteen-year-old son has been kicked out of boarding school and is moving in with her as well, Sharon thinks her days of boredom are over. Drawn to Griffin's edginess and the rebellion he represents, Sharon decides she wants to move in with her dad and Lauren as well. She soon discovers that the grass isn't always greener on the flip side of the divorce coin. Not only is Sharon uncomfortable with her new lifestyle, Griffin does not prove to be such a cool new friend, either.


  • This title is taken from the Official Website's Episode List.
    • Wikipedia's Episode Listing has this as "Up in Smoke".
    • There is no reason as to why the two titles.