Each student in Sharon's social studies class is given a high-tech baby-doll as part of a project on 'parenting'. Sharon thinks that when she grows up, she'll be a great mom who will also be able to do anything and everything she wants; in other words, she'll "have it all". For the first while, she does well. But things start to get a little strained as she tries to balance 'parenting' with her other responsibilities-like looking after her pets, working at the vet's and trying to have a social life. When she becomes hyper-vigilant about the 'baby', Sharon doesn't notice a toddler feed Pigger chocolate in the park and soon, she's at the vet's-on the 'other side of the counter' with a very sick pooch. As she stays up all night to watch her beloved pet, she realizes that looking after something you love is not a game and that you'd better be an adult before you have a child.


  • Goof: Peaches the cat is identified as female, but for the rest of the scene, both Sharon and the vet refer to her with male descriptions.