Alyson Malitski




13 (Season 1)
14 (Season 2)

Hair color:


Eye color:



Mr Malitski (Father)
Mrs Malitski (mother)

Love Interests:

Connor MacKenzie (boyfriend)


Sharon Spitz
Maria Wong
Nina Harper (formerly)


Nina Harper

Alyson Malitski is sweet and pretty, the typical girl-next-door-type. She had been a friend of Nina's for a long time. Alyson's firefighter father had once rescued Connor from a fire at LifeCycles, one of the most popular places in Elkford, and she instantly took a liking to him, and the feeling became mutual.

Alyson is never actually cruel or mean--she just does whatever Nina tells her to do, because like a lot of teenagers, Alyson just wants to fit in and be noticed. As her friendship with Nina ended, Alyson become Connor's girlfriend and ultimately became friends with Sharon Spitz and Maria Wong, who were a little hesitant at first about befriending her. She was seen with them and Connor almost all the time from then on as Connor's girlfriend.[1]

Alyson is extremely feminine, bubbly, and a little simple-minded, but she is a very caring and nice person, friend, and girlfriend. Alyson is a fan of "The Beatles". Alyson also wants to begin a rock-band, and her back-up plan is to be a heart surgeon. Sometimes people think Alyson is shallow because she says "totally" a lot, but after getting to know her true self, Sharon, Maria, Connor, and everyone else knows there's a whole lot more to Alyson then meets the eye.


  • According to Connor, Alyson will not allow anyone to shorten her name to Aly, nor respond to that name if addressed with it.[2]
  • Alyson, despite her physical agility, is terrible at cheerleading[3], which may explain why she never became a cheerleader. This was most likely a point of contention with Nina, since Alyson once told Maria that Nina prefers all of her friends to be cheerleaders.[4]
  • When Alyson was younger, her father often let her ride in the firetruck with him.
  • Alyson is well known to the other Elkford firefighters because of her regular visits to the fire station.
  • Alyson coaches soccer and is very talented at fencing.
  • Alyson has been playing piano since the age of six.



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