When Sharon's expected prom date does not materialize, Lauren arranges another 'date', Taylor Knight, a pop star who was passing through the town on a promotional tour, to escort her to the formal as part of a TV3 publicity stunt. At first, Sharon was ecstatic about this sudden turn of events. The singing idol was one of her faves! But she ultimately discovered that everything comes at a price.


  • While Sharon was climbing the stepladder with the decorations, Alyson displays a knowledge of safety regulations by bracing it from the opposite direction. This prevents the ladder from shifting should the person standing on it move in an unexpected way and overbalance it.
  • This is the first time one of Sharon's electromagnetic blasts directly hits another person, instead of using a circuit pathway as per normal. The resulting effects are temporary flash blindness and a severe headache that lasts for several hours, possibly even half a day or longer.


Richard: Hey, it's your day Pumpkin, we'll do whatever you want.
Sharon: Even look at prom dresses?
Richard: You trust my taste?
Sharon (laughs): No Way!
(waves at Lauren)
Sharon: But I trust Lauren's.

Maria: The problem with prom dresses is they're all so.....dressy.
Sharon: They're formal Maria, what do you expect? Racing Stripes?

Sharon (dropping decorations): Whoa! Look Out!
(Nina dodges falling decorations)
Nina: Hey! You did that on purpose!
Sharon: I did not. If I wanted to hit you, I wouldn't have missed.

Sharon: Why does everyone laugh when I mention that camera?